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If you’re taking a break from alcohol this month, we’ve got some bubbly and energizing beverages to keep you from missing the booze. Read full article click here.


It's not often that a raw, unpasteurized beverage is more popular than its pasteurized companion, but kombucha isn't any old drink. Kombucha is a so-called "elixir of youth," beloved by health-conscious celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Halle Berry, according to the Daily Mail.


At this year’s Natural Products Expo West Conference, emerging trends showed that runners don’t have to look far for healthy, tasty, and convenient foods to fuel their performances. In fact, last year, sales in the organic, natural, and functional food industry were up 8.1 percent with a value of $134 billion.


An Austin favorite since 2013, LIVE Beverages has become the ‘Gateway Kombucha’ for bringing new consumers into the kombucha category with their approachable flavors like Culture Cola, Revive Rootbeer, Pure Doctor, and Dreamy Orange.


Nutrition experts consistently assert that the best way to improve your health is to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. But we get it: Hectic mornings make it hard to pack a salad for lunch.


In case you haven't been introduced to kombucha — or "the booch" as the cool kids call it — it's time for you two to finally meet. Kombucha is a slightly carbonated fermented tea which naturally contains probiotics, antioxidants, and natural detoxifiers.


With America turning another year older, we needed a fucking patriotic cocktail. Actually, scratch that—we needed two. But like, instead of the usual alcohol + fruit/mixer = drunk, we decided to add in our good friend kombucha, who always seems to come through for us in times of hangover tough shit.


Apple cider vinegar, a fermented juice made from crushed apples, has been touted to help with weight loss, heart disease, bacterial infections and digestive issues. Some alternative medicine practitioners even recommend a spoonful of apple cider vinegar daily.


As a busy, on-the-go vegan blogger and cookbook author, I try to keep myself filled up on plant-based foods that are healthy and will keep me going all week long.


There’s been such a growth in the health food industry in recent years that it’s almost overwhelming to see all of the new items on the shelves. Which ones should you try?


Looking for tasty snacks - both savory and sweet - as well as quenching beverages? Here is a round-up of all the top bites and drinks you must try right now!


Stick a few of these into the ice chest next to the beer and diet soda: Live Soda is a probiotic-rich drinks that replicate the taste of your favorite not-so-great-for-you drink.


Drinking vinegars are said to promote good gut health, and Live Beverages has entered the category with four flavors of ready-to-drink vinegars under its Live Sparkling brand: Tart Cherry, Concord Grape, Pomegranate & Elderberry, and Blueberry & Ginger.


Live Beverages, Austin, Texas, debuts a line of ready-to-drink Sparkling Drinking Vinegars that offer a lighter, more enjoyable alternative to some of the more intense, vinegar-heavy offerings in the marketplace


LIVE Beverages founder and CEO Trevor Ross sees great potential for the drinking vinegar category. He started the brand by launching a line of kombucha back in 2013, what he saw would “become a pretty crowded category.”


LIVE Beverages, an Austin-based company known for its LIVE Soda brand of kombuchas, is continuing to build its brand beyond kombucha – extending new product offerings into the emerging drinking vinegar category.


Live has done an excellent job of creating one of the more market-ready vinegar-based offerings to date. Each of the line's four flavor varieties is made with apple cider and coconut vinegars, USDA Organic certified and low-calorie and contain no added sugar.

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