Who is Live Beverages?

Live Beverages is a small company started in 2013 to help people take simple steps towards a healthier lifestyle.  💪🏻  Our Founder developed the first Live Beverages for the express purpose of getting his dad to kick the soda habit.  We have carried that mission well beyond his dad, helping millions of people take simple steps to better living.

We are based in Austin, Texas.

Ingredient/Product FAQs

Live Raw & Organic Kombucha is cold-brewed for a smoother, less harsh taste.  Most kombuchas are hot brewed, which releases more tannins in the tea, leading to a more bitter tasting tea.

Just flavors and organic stevia extract, which help us deliver our big taste with less calories than other kombuchas.

Live Beverages are made with Billions of living probiotics to aid your gut health!  😊

Live Raw & Organic Kombucha’s probiotic count will vary from batch to batch as the probiotic in kombucha occurs naturally in our fermentation process.  But rest assured that Live Raw & Organic Kombucha is 99.7% Pure Kombucha and good for your gut!

We recommend that you refrigerate Live Beverages when you get home for optimal taste and to prolong shelf life.   Shelf life and temperature can affect the level of probiotics, and excess heat can cause the probiotics to activate before reaching your gut.  The probiotic in our shots and soda is spore-based, which means it stays dormant until it reaches the right temperature.  For more about the probiotic used in our shots and soda, click here.

Live Raw & Organic Kombucha has Gluconacetobacter Spp., Gluconacetobacter Oxydans, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, and Schizosaccharomyces Pombe.

Live Raw & Organic Kombucha has a 6-month shelf life.  The expiry date is printed on the label of every bottle.

It’s under 0.5% and averages around .2%

Yes, all Live products are USDA certified organic.  💓

Yes, all Live products are non-GMO.

Yes, all Live products are Gluten Free.

Yes, all Live products are Vegan. 🥗

Live Raw & Organic Kombucha caffeine levels range 0.06 mg/mL on Cola, Doctor, Lemon Lime and Ginger, to 0.15 mg/mL on Cream Soda and 0.24 mg/mL on Root Beer.

Yes, all Live products are Dairy Free.

Yes! See or download our Kosher Certification.

All real kombuchas add sugar to initiate the fermentation process.  Sugar is the food for the fermentation process.  We do not add sugar or fruit juices to the product once it is finished fermenting; we achieve our great taste with natural flavors and organic stevia to keep our sugar content low.

Live Raw & Organic Kombucha needs to be refrigerated until you drink it because they contain living probiotics that prefer a colder environment until they reach your gut.

Many pregnant women enjoy our products, but we recommend speaking with your doctor before consuming any of our products while pregnant.

Where to Buy FAQs

Live Raw & Organic Kombucha is available in retail stores across the country and can be purchased on-line at DrinkLive.com or on Amazon.   To find a store near you and additional places to purchase the products on-line, please visit our Find Us page.  🛍️

We recommend that you talk to the store manager or store personnel to request Live.  They really want to carry products that you want, and have a strong voice in what products are carried in their store.

You can buy Live directly from us on our website

If you are interested in purchasing Live products in bulk, we can sell direct in pallet quantities, or put you in touch with a distributor that can service your store.  For more information, please call us (512-888-9959), email us (info@LiveSoda.com) or Contact us.

eCommerce FAQs

All orders ship directly from our warehouse with the help of our partners at UPS. Typically, most orders are processed in 1-3 business days and shipped Monday- Wednesday's. Your order will typically arrive in 3-7 business days after placing it. You will receive a UPS tracking number via email when the product ships.  💨

We charge $7.00 for shipping

Our goal is to deliver great tasting everyday wins that help you and your family take simple steps to healthier living.  To achieve that, our top priorities are you and your family’s safety, and quickly and safely getting you high quality beverages in every single shipment. 

Due to the complex temperature and packaging requirements for shipping kombucha bottles, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or exchanges. If you experience an issue with your order, please email info@livesoda.com. Your feedback is truly valued and we will do our best to make it right!

Please do not dispose of the product as we may ask that it be returned for quality control.

We will ship to addresses in the lower 48 states.  Unfortunately we currently are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, PO Boxes or AFO/FP addresses.

Contact Us

If you need additional information, please call us (512-888-9959), email us (info@LiveSoda.com), DM us @LiveSoda, or fill out the Contact Form.

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